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Cary fast facts

Please, tell us about the relevance of crypto currencies for your work. What are you doing in this field, and where do you want to go within the next year?

Working with the team at to make bitcoin easier to use for everyone all over the world. We are racing to 10 million users as fast as possible.

What work challenge keeps you up at night?

I don’t sleep very much because I’m too excited about what we’re working on. Managing a hyper-growth company does have some stresses but for the most part it’s fun.

It’s been said that Bitcoin could be as “big as the Internet” in reshaping the world and spurring economic growth. Do you believe that?

Yes. Blockchain technology will re-shape digital property rights forever. The investment in this space is going to make the social media capital raises look like blip on a radar.

What has been the most exciting work development this year?

We have been sprinting to re-launch all of our core wallet experiences later this summer and the work being done by the team is really incredible. We can’t wait to share it with the world.

Can you tell us something about yourself that your team would be surprised to know?

I secretly like Top 40 music.

What are the biggest benefits and largest risks of doing business with Bitcoin?

It’s the most important technical learning opportunity in the world right now. The risks are misunderstanding the core invention of Bitcoin — it’s a trust-less protocol. We should not go around applying legacy thinking and architecture on it.

What’s the best way for people in the Bitcoin community to build trust and facilitate standards that will expedite mainstream adoption?

Focus on UI. Focus on consumer protection via open source software. Focus on making Bitcoin easier to use. Also, bring local solutions to local marketplaces. There are going to be a lot of sucessful businesses in this industry.

How can financial institutions adapt to a technology that ultimately threatens their dominance?

Look at Kodak, Barnes and Noble, and Blockbuster — decide what side of history you want to be on.

What’s to stop the banking industry from coming up with their own implementations of a virtual-currency model?

Banks should consider using the bitcoin Blockchain to completely replace the network infrastructures they run. This will save them billions while letting them focus on providing financial services (lending, morgages marketing, client management, personal experiences etc). Everyone wins.

What will come of Bitcoin regulation?Is this key to convincing politicians and governmental institutions to pass favourable legislation?

Bitcoin needs lightweight regulation. Politicians and governmental institutions needs to take the time to learn how it works and avoid applying overbearing policies on businesses trying to innovate.

It’s being said that Litecoin right now is where Bitcoin was the same time last year.What’s your opinion on the future of Altcoins?

Blockchain is 100% focus on Bitcoin. For the time being altcoins are interesting experiments but we still have so much work to get Bitcoin right first.

Thank you Nicolas! We are looking forward to see you at Inside Bitcoins London!

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