Getting to know Gareth Grobler

Postet on 20. June, 2014 | 10:43:54

Grobler fast-facts

Please, tell us about the relevance of crypto currencies for your work. What are you doing in this field, and where do you want to go within the next year?

I am fully invested in iceCUBED, we have a couple of products live with our exchange adding dollar and sterling in Q4 2014

What’s the best way for people in the Bitcoin community to build trust and facilitate standards that will expedite mainstream adoption?

Forget about privacy, be open, honest and transparent. ‎Work together in stead of trying to start the next facebook all by yourself. Follow industry best practice.

In respect of media and PR we need high calibre journalists as opposed to the wave of bloggers, we need focus on a unified message of the single most important benefit bitcoin brings. Individual control.

What work challenge keeps you up at night?

People, people, people! Finding the right people to expand our team has been the toughest task to date, resulting in the rest of us doing crazy hours to get it all done.

What are the biggest benefits and largest risks of doing business with Bitcoin?

The biggest benefit for me is the excitement of being at the forefront of a revolutionary technology. This brings with it huge financial risk and the burden of going of the beaten technology trek

What has been the most exciting work development this year?

We have now officially partnered with a well known high street bank, the prospect is very exciting but we have had to go through 6months of red tape (and this is with a bank who was positive towards us from day one)

Can you tell us something about yourself that your team would be surprised to know? ‎

Nothing that would surprise them…..

It’s been said that Bitcoin could be as “big as the Internet” in reshaping the world and spurring economic growth. Do you believe that?

No. Bitcoin the currency is still an experiment that could go either way. bitcoin the technology however (distributed ledgers) I believe could be bigger than the Internet as it solves a computing problem that we have been struggling with for decades. New ways of applying the technology is discussed daily, so it’s just a matter of time before we start seeing real world impact.

A variety of bullish Bitcoin price predictions have been touted over the past year. What’s your crystal-ball forecast for what Bitcoin will be worth in six months?

As much as people are willing to pay for it.‎ I personally wouldn’t sell for under $1250 though.

How can financial institutions adapt to a technology that ultimately threatens their dominance?

It doesn’t threaten their dominance at all, it threatens the ability to operate without being held accountable. Financial institutions will be the lifeblood bitcoin needs to succeed.

What’s to stop the banking industry from coming up with their own implementations of a virtual-currency model?

Why would they bother if the can just build products on top of the bitcoin protocol.

What will come of Bitcoin regulation?Is this key to convincing politicians and governmental institutions to pass favourable legislation?

Bitcoin will never be regulated and any attempts are just naive and ill informed. The interaction of fiat currency with Internet currency such as bitcoin will however be regulated bringing more trust and credibility into the industry.

It’s being said that Litecoin right now is where Bitcoin was the same time last year. What’s your opinion on the future of Altcoins?‎

The importance is not on the actual “coin” but how it improves on the building blocks for distributed ledger technology. Different coins will come and go, with every new coin comes more development resource for the larger groups of technology looking into distributed ledgers.

Thank you Gareth! We are looking forward to see you at Inside Bitcoins London!

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