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Day 1 - Monday - 15 September, 2014

Session descriptions day 1

8.00 am

Registration / Welcome Coffee

9.00 am

Opening Keynote:

Crypto-Law: What Is It and Why Should I Care?

Currency is a single application of the system of law; the same is true in the world of crypto. In this session, we'll look into the coming 24 months and discuss the imminent changes to business, economics and society itself when blockchain based autonomous "contracts" become widespread, providing the framework for businesses and individuals alike to algorithmetise their agreements and have them enforced in a fully
 automated, decentralised and disinterested manner. We'll also explore what the changes ahead mean and how they can be prepared for.

Gavin Wood, CTO, Ethereum

9.30 am

Is Blockchain Technology the Solution to the World’s Most Urgent Issues?

Since its emergence around 5,000 years ago, the concept of centralized organizations has developed further than could ever have been conceived. However, in the last century this concept has been tested to its limits, as organizations increasingly struggle to solve a myriad of global issues.
This talk opens a window into how the 21st century might unfold if we embraced the potential of decentralized systems, thus embarking on the greatest change humanity has seen to date - a process that must be sped up by innovation hot spots such as the Bitcoin Center Berlin.

Michael Geike, CEO, Smart Equity AG

10.15 am

Morning Coffee Break

10.45 am

Money Mania: A History Lesson for Bitcoin

An analysis of the rise of digital currency, the potential pitfalls and what we can learn from the past. In line with these themes, Bob will discuss the collapse of bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox and the lessons we can take from this.
Concerns about bitcoin are similar to those that surrounded virtual currency, the Linden dollar. When people want repaying, the loss of confidence in currencies such as bitcoin can readily become clear as people realise that not all money is equal. Bitcoin’s value therefore is determined not by complex mathematical formulas but by surges of emotion legitimised by widespread confidence.

Dr. Bob Swarup, Principal, Camdor Global

11.15 am

Bitcoin in the Cloud

This enlightening talk will cover the application of mining in a world where virtualization is becoming the standard.

Lukas Gilkey, President, Cloudhashing

11.45 am

The Bitcoin Economy Visualized

Bitcoin presents the first fully transparent asset exchange platform in the world. The history of Bitcoin can mapped into charts and graphs explaining the interesting twists and turns we have taken in the last 5 years. From the early days of mining, to GPUs and ASICs, the fundamentals of the economy have been shifting. The emergence of exchanges and merchant adoption can be seen through small holders now joining the economy. Measures of velocity and dormancy give us to clues as to how Bitcoin is being used. The latest data can give us clues about what are the future opportunities and challenges.

Jonathan Levin, Co-Founder, Coinometrics

12.15 am

Europe and Beyond: Emerging Issues in Regulatory Compliance and Law Enforcement Efforts

Join us for an incisive discussion and analysis of the latest events in regulatory compliance and law enforcement efforts directed at Bitcoin in both Europe and across the globe. What are regulators and law enforcement officials focused on? What is happening internationally on these fronts? What is the significance of these trends?

Daniel Tannebaum, CFE, Director, Financial Services Regulatory Practice, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)


Brian Klein, Partner, Baker Marquart LLP

Eitan Jankelewitz, Technology Lawyer, Sheridans

Anka Hakert LL.M. (Tax), German Attorney at Law, WINHELLER

Marco Santori, Attorney, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman

Joe Colangelo, Executive Director, Consumers' Research

Ken Hoang, CEO and Co-Founder, Strevus

1.00 pm

Lunch Break

2.00 pm

Bitcoin Ecosystem Investing : Do's and Dont's

Crypto currency investing has many facets from incubation, early stage, and roll ups to later stage and leveraging public markets. This panel features experts in these areas and will explain the pros, cons and pitfalls of investing on bitcoin companies at various stages or even just in bitcoin/alt coin itself.

Michael Terpin, Co-Founder and CEO, BitAngels and SocialRadius


Simon Dixon, CEO and Co-Founder,

Jonathan Bier, Chartered Accountant and Investor

Dr. Nikos Bentenitis, Founder, CoinSimple and Chair of Education Committee, Bitcoin Foundation

Jean-Marie Mognetti, Partner, Global Advisors (Jersey) Limited

Phoebus Giannopoulos, Chief Marketing Officer, Global Coin FX

Bastian Brand, Investment Manager, Pathfinder Capital Ltd

2.45 pm

Decentralized Technologies: Lifeboats for Society

Since the times of the first kingdoms of ancient Sumeria, humanity has lived under the paradigm of centralized power structures. Many achievements have been made possible with the use of such hierarchical structures. Yet history has shown over and over again, that when centers of power collapse, whole structures can become compromised and crumble. The fall of the Roman empire is a good example, and so are the financial crises and ensuing misery we have witnessed over the last hundred years.
For the first time in history, with the advent of new technologies, people are able to create new ways of distributing power more horizontally. New decentralised systems are emerging, offering a unique opportunity for humanity to create a more resilient world.

Hakim Mamoni, Co-Founder and CTO, Seedcoin

3.15 pm

Emerging Markets vs. Developed Markets: Who Will Win the Bitcoin Race?

Frontier markets, emerging markets or Wall Street, the race is on for leadership in Bitcoin investment, development, employment and technology. Bruce Fenton founded the Internet's first full service investment firm in 1994 and today spends half of each year working internationally. Come learn about the next big things coming along in Bitcoin and the challenges and opportunities in various global markets.

Bruce Fenton, Founder and President, Atlantic Financial

3.45 pm

The Isle of Man: The Natural Home for Your Crypto Currency Business

I will address why the Isle of Man has adopted a very proactive approach to crypto currencies and how we are setting in place an environment that will enable companies to flourish whilst protecting the consumer and keeping crime out. Already a number of companies have either moved to the island or are in the process of doing so. We are attracting those that want to be regulated, the top end of the market – as we did years agowith E-gaming.

Peter Greenhill, Director of e-Business and CEO of e-Gaming Development, Isle of Man Government's Department of Economic Development

4.00 pm

Afternoon Break

4.30 pm

How to Stop Bitcoin Theft: Multi-Signature Wallets Make Bitcoin Secure and Useful for New Industries

If you read the Bitcoin headlines, it seems like every week there is a story about a major theft or loss of someone's Bitcoin holdings. Why? Because nearly every exchange and wallet uses a single private key which can be stolen or corrupted. In this talk, learn how multi-signature protocols are going to make Bitcoin holdings secure while remaining liquid. Also hear about new industries that open up with multi-signature technology, from escrow to real estate and beyond.

Will O’Brien, CEO & Co-Founder, BitGo

5.00 pm

Bitcoin and e-Commerce Pain Points

Ecommerce presents some unique requirements for payment processing. Currently credit cards are a dominant form of payment for ecommerce. However, credit card payment processing was not originally designed for internet commerce and hence exposes a large number of pain points for consumers and stakeholders. Bitcoin in its current form has the potential to resolve several of these pain points, however some may need further development. Attend this session to deep dive into the pain points in the current state of ecommerce, the ones that can potentially be addressed by Bitcoin and ones that need further innovation.

Ashok Misra, CISSP, Chair, CNP Payment Forum and Founder, Alina Consultants

5.30 pm

How to Win in the Bitcoin Exchange Ecosystem

There is a sizeable group of FinTech entrepreneurs launching bitcoin exchanges right now. However, the business purpose of a bitcoin exchange is actually different than many people currently believe. For those who view an exchange simply as a place to buy and sell bitcoin, this will be an important presentation. There’s still money to be made in the bitcoin exchange ecosystem, and we’ll pinpoint where the opportunity lies. We’ll also look at businesses that will work closely with bitcoin exchanges to understand what ancillary opportunities exist in the space.

Jaron Lukasiewicz, Chief Executive Officer, Coinsetter

6.00 pm

Networking Reception – sponsered by Digital Jersey.
Welcome speech by Senator Philip Ozouf - Treasury and Resources Minister

7.00 pm

End Day 1

Day 2 - Tuesday - 16 September, 2014

Session descriptions day 2

8.30 am

Registration / Welcome Coffee

9.00 am


International Review: Bitcoin Stories from Across the Globe

From Berlin to Buenos Airies the fabric of the Bitcoin community is strengthening. Nicolas Cary, the CEO of will review compelling stories and exciting projects from across the globe. Bitcoin is borderless, come learn why Bitcoin is going to reshape the way the world thinks about technology.

Nicolas Cary, CEO,

9.30 am

The Future of Altcoins

Altcoins, despite some dire predictions, are continuing to grow both in number and capitalization. What are the likely courses of development for these assets, and how will they fit into the Bitcoin-dominated, crypto-economy over time? Do altcoins provide real innovations to the cryptocurrency landscape or are they mostly just copies meant to capitalize on the Bitcoin publicity? Join our panel of industry insiders as they discuss and debate the brave new world beyond Bitcoin including Litecoin, Primecoin, Dogecoin, Namecoin, Devcoin, Terracoin, and more.

Michael Terpin, Co-Founder and CEO, BitAngels and SocialRadius


Marc Warne, Founder, Bittylicious

Paul Puey, CEO and Co-Founder, Airbitz

Flavien Charlon, Founder, Coinprism and Predictious

J.Bradley Hall, Founder, Chairman and CEO, ICON

Chris Odom, Co-Founder and CTO, Monetas

10.15 am

Morning Coffee Break

10.45 am

Bitcoin Merchant On-Ramp

There has been much talk as to WHY merchants should accept Bitcoin such as lower transaction fees, eliminating chargebacks and monetizing new markets but there had been little talk of HOW? Learn from an eCommerce veteran real hands on methods to enable your eCommerce website, game, blog, charity or store to accept digital currency and understand the operational adjustments required to support these new tech savvy digital currency customers. We will also touch on digital marketing techniques to outpace your competitors.

Steve Beauregard, CEO & Founder,

11.30 am

Funding The Next Bitcoin 2.0 Businesses

Many great ideas never see the light of day because they don’t receive adequate capital and yet, the ways in which individuals and companies can fund their ideas has never been greater. This talk will explore many of the options open to budding entrepreneurs, from the perspective of a startup, and hopes to motivate the listener to think outside of the box when funding their next big idea. Much of the content will be based on firsthand experience, through the eyes of MaidSafe, who have raised $13 million to date.

Nick Lambert, Chief Operating Officer, MaidSafe

12.00 pm

Bitcoin and the New Economy

It is no secret that women are the driving force of the economy, with 80% of women making the primary day-to-day household purchase decisions. Miss Bitcoin asks "why aren't more ladies involved in using crypto currencies?". Women in bitcoin and crypto currencies is an untapped market waiting to happen. A market that Miss Bitcoin has identified. They are providing the platform that will maximize the engagement of women within the new crypto economy with recommending relevant products, services and industry news. Tailored by women to fit the needs of women, Miss Bitcoin is primed to maximize the leverage potential of women and crypto currencies.

Moran Shaked, Founder & CEO, Miss Bitcoin

Sheree Ip, Academic, Curtin University, Curtin Law School

Sandeep Kaur, Co-Founder, Miss Bitcoin

12.15 pm

Bitcoin in Africa: What is Required for Mass Acceptance?

Many in the space constantly refer to Africa as the perfect market for bitcoin and crypto currencies generally. Very few though have actual experience with doing business in Africa or do not understand the main requirements to be successful in launching a technology product or service in Africa. This panel discussion addresses some of the major opportunities and pitfalls a technology company faces in Africa.

Gareth Grobler, Founder, ICE³X and Founding Member, UK Digital Currency Association


Eric Benz, Director of International Operations, GoCoin

Michael Parsons, Founder, Breaking Bit Ltd

Joe Lee, Founder & CEO,

Juan Llanos, EVP of Strategic Partnerships & Chief Transparency Officer,

Christian Luecke, Regional Manager Europe, ZipZap Inc

Steven Sprague, CEO, Rivetz Corp

1.00 pm

Lunch Break

2.00 pm

Trading Bitcoin: Strategies and Tactics

This session will provide Bitcoin/Crypto currency traders with valuable insight, strategies and tactics on separating the signal from the noise and properly managing risk. We'll also pinpoint what to be aware of in the onslaught of robot systems and other approaches that are really marketing ploys.

Abe Cofnas, President, Quicksilver Concept

2.30 pm

How to get Governments to Like Bitcoin (Without Ruining Bitcoin in the Process)

Bitcoin offers the potential for helping governments meet important goals such as cheaper and more accessible financial services. Yet many governments around the world have expressed skepticism about - or outright hostility to - Bitcoin. This session:
  • Identifies the root causes of this skepticism;
  • Assesses the progress that the Bitcoin community has made in explaining the potential benefits of Bitcoin to governments; and
  • Offers suggestions about how the Bitcoin community can, over time, get to see Bitcoin as a force for good.

Adam Shapiro, Director, Promontory Financial Group

3.00 pm

Phase Transitions in Digital Currencies

This presentation will focus on the the vulnerability of digital currencies and address methods to protect them from well known attacks which involve for-profit blockchain manipulation. We'll also compare bitcoin to several alt-coins and study their historical evolution along with how they have co-existed and competed with each other.

Nicolas Courtois, Cryptographer and Senior Lecturer in Computer Science, University College London

3.30 pm

Industrial Mining: Powered Warehouse Shell vs. Hosted Cloud Offerings

As large scale miners and manufacturers look to scale Data Center power infrastructure at lower costs per TerraHash, some are demanding all of the managed services found in hosted mining solutions, at the low price point of raw powered warehouse shells. Learn the challenges and hidden costs with "Do it yourself" warehouse mining in wholesale Data Center operations, versus the simplified turn-key approach offered by industrial Cloud hosted solutions priced as "all-in" contract costs.

David A. Johnston, Co-Founder, BitAngels, Managing Director, Decentralized Application Fund


Josh Zerlan, Operations Manager, Butterfly Labs

Bryan Ballard, CTO, Netsolus

Dr. Timo Hanke, Chief Technology Officer, CoinTerra

Brock Pierce, Managing Director, Crypto Currency Partners

Jeffrey Smith, Co-Owner, CEX.IO

4.00 pm

Afternoon Break

4.30 pm

Bitcoin in the UK - Challenges and Opportunities

Join us as Tom Robinson shares his experience with building the UK's first VC-backed digital currency business. He'll explore the unique challenges of establishing a Bitcoin business in the UK and provide some valuable first-hand tips and advice. Topics to be covered include funding (pitching to investors), regulation, tax implications, insurance, and the UK Digital Currency Association.

Tom Robinson, Co-Founder, Elliptic

5.15 pm

Permacredits: Bitcoin 2.0 in Action

This engaging session will thoroughly cover Permacredits (CREDITS), and their role as the first ecosystem wide DAC. We'll also explore what the future of Digital money looks like with the advent of new functions.

Xavier Hawk, Founder , Permacredits

6.00 pm

Conference End